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Not only is Basement Films one of the few remaining first-generation micro-cinemas, supporting traveling filmmakers and hosting our annual film festival, but the membership are all artists themselves. From performance artists to musicians to flim artists members of Basement Films have screened, performed and presented their own work at venues around the world. This gallery should give you a small sampling of the members creative work.


As part of Experiments in Cinema v10.T36, we invited film artist Kerry Laitala out to Albuquerque to conduct her cinegram workshop. Workshop participants worked in the UNM dark room to hand expose and hand process high contrast 35mm film. The results of the workshop were projected as part of the festival.

Silence Ire

This video/poetry piece is a collaboration between Beth Hansen, Lisa Gill and Kate Schneier. Silent Ire is a meditation on resiliency. Video by Beth Hansen, Audio by Kate Schneier, Poetry by Lisa Gill.


An experimental documentary short featuring the voices of young women filmmakers. By Jourdan Reese, Senaida Garcia and Kate Schneier

Let Me Say This About  That

Video installation document. TRT 3minutes. By Bryan Konefsky 2009

Sample reel

By Jenette Issacson, performance artist and member of Basement Films

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