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Basement Films hosts hands-on filmmaking workshops
in Albuquerque, around New Mexico and internationally. Most of our workshops happen at middle and high schools. The workshops are offered on a sliding scale depending on a particular institution’s budget. The goal of the workshops is to introduce participants to celluloid! Most younger students know cinema as a digital form and have never held a piece of 16mm film stock before attending our workshops. The experience of drawing on, carving into and staining pre-developed film is always magical. In fact, our most “far away” workshop was hosted by the Alternative Film/Video Festival in Belgrade, Serbia. There, the university students who participated had never seen 16mm film before and couldn’t get enough of the experience. When their hand-made film loops were projected at the festival, when the lights came up at the end of the show there wasn’t a “dry eye” in the house!
Contact us if you have questions about or are interested in our hands-on workshops!

Basement Films' artists, Beth Hansen and Michelle Mellor, are collaborating with Working Classroom to introduce students to celluloid as a medium for experimental filmmaking in a workshop called Direct Animation!

Loop-making workshop

516 Arts Workshop

Antoni Pinent's Filmless Camera Workshop

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