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Pornotopia 2014 planning and submissions are underway, and we're looking to have the 2014 festival be even more community-driven than previous years! If you or someone you know loves sexual freedom, ethical porn and showcasing real pleasure and bodies, we need all the help we can get to make this festival the best one yet!

Our next
Pornotopia Planning Committee meeting is Thursday July 17th at 7:00pm at Self Serve
We have extended our submission deadline, so anyone who is interested in submitting a film, they still have until the end of July! You can learn more about the submission process here!

Pornotopia is committed to featuring the work of communities that are often under- and misrepresented in the porn industry. We especially welcome films by rural filmmakers, people of color, people with disabilities, transgender filmmakers, and people of size.



"I met Marcos Ramirez in 1998 before I even moved to Albuquerque.  He was my first friend here and my connection to various fun and dangerous things.  Our first meeting was in a lousy dance bar downtown that is now called Lotus.  He was drunk and acting comically belligerent and confrontational towards many people in the room.  In so many words he was the most interesting person in there.  Throughout a brief argument we managed to strike up a friendly conversation that spindled around a colorful group of topics, from experimental film to zine culture, to the Church of the Subgenius.  I wasn't totally sold on Albuquerque yet, but I knew this night that I'd at least have one friend were I to move here.  When I did eventually move here in 2000 I met many good people through Marcos.  Some still remain as close to me as family, and I have him to thank for that.  I was continuously blown away by all of the stuff that he managed to keep himself involved in.  Along with helping to host a low power, pirate radio station at the time, he was also involved in Basement Films and a good handful of activist groups.  He was a member of a collective that opened a DIY space called Insurgo, where I saw many shows, and as far as I knew he WAS Indymedia's Albuquerque chapter.  As I ventured farther and farther from his inner circle I continued to meet new people.  Everyone seemed to know him though and luckily we always stayed somewhat close.  He was a good friend for many years and I'm not sure what my experience in this city would have looked like without my meeting him."  

- James Lawrence

"When Marcos died, we lost a good friend, son, brother, husband, general co-conspirator, et al. His presence meant a lot to many of us and his absence will be deeply felt for some time.

I was asked to put together a reel displaying work that he was connected with to show at his memorial. This is what materialized from what I had to work with, within a short period of time. It in no way embodies the full extent of work that he was involved in."

-  Darryl DeLoach.

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